Menu Design in Europe




Europe’s reputation as the center of the culinary world is confirmed with this expansive array of restaurant menus from across the continent. From extravagant bills of fare for royal feasts to delectable mid-century minimalist graphics, the gustatory customs of dozens of European countries are revealed in this encyclopedic design compendium.


Multilingual Edition: English, French, German


“Within the pages of this book a record of a several centuries of gustatory elation is a reminder that this common object, once a key element to a meal, was elevated to an art form inspiring memories and culinary history.”

Jim Heimann


“The sexy, sinister lost art of the restaurant menu… [Menu Design in Europe] celebrates the toothsome heyday of the European menu. Huge, gaudy and exquisite – they’re far from today’s limp offerings.”

The Telegraph


“From an 1891 Parisian bistro to a 1945 Swedish Airlines banquet, Menu Design in Europe collates hundreds of menus to explore the continent’s visual and culinary history.”
The Guardian


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