Jardin Tropezina, Pampelonne Beach




A real Garden on St Tropez’s Beach


On the famous beach of Pampelonne located in the charming “quartier du Pinet », Jardin Tropezina offers an exceptional setting for a light and friendly pause, just a stone’s throw from le Château de la Messardière. Like a garden furnished with furniture collected over the years a garden where you have lunch under the pergola, where you linger at the table, where you fall asleep in the sun in the shade of the local vegetation.


All year round, come and enjoy the sun in the shade of the parasols, and let yourself be tempted by a sunny and family Mediterranean cuisine. Dishes are meticulously prepared from seasonal products, most often from local origins, to offer you the highest quality ingredients. And because pleasure is not limited only to a plate, a caring team is here to listen to your wishes and serve you in a relaxed and warm atmosphere. You’ll love it here.


Let youself be seduced by sunny, family Mediterranean cuisine
Our dishes are carefully designed using seasonal products, most often of local origin,to offer you the highest quality ingredients.
And because the pleasure is not limited only to the plate, an attentive team is there to your desires to serve you in a relaxed and warm atmosphere.
You will see, we feel good.



With a wide choice of cocktails, Jardin Tropezina offers refreshing moments throughout the day and evening.
Smoothies prepared with fresh fruit for the little ones between 2 dips, signature cocktails for the older ones.

For a relaxing moment with a breathtaking view of the sea, we offer a whole range of activities: musical lives until the end of night to conclude a beautiful day of sun, yoga and wellness lessons, and board and beach games that you may enjoy at any time of the day…