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L’e Marquis has teamed up with Superyacht Supplies, purveyors of the finest yacht provisions: they have been supplying Superyachts globally since 2003. We are now able to offer this service to villa owners and villa clients worldwide.

“We have the contacts and connections to locate and procure the rarest, most refined and most desirable food and drink from every corner of the world.”

Our mission is to deliver the world’s finest foods to the most luxurious private yachts and villas wherever they happen to be. Behind this simple intention is a vast wealth of knowledge, experience and logistics.

Parma ham from sunny Italy, wild salmon from Scotland, Kobe beef from Japan: our constant pursuit of the finest, freshest and most prestigious foods takes us to every corner of the globe. Because that’s where our customers go, too.

We know that superyacht and luxury villa owners and their guests are accustomed to demanding and receiving the very best of everything. Our passion and experience for sourcing and delivering the finest quality fresh foods, wonderful ingredients and a full range of interior essentials too, is matched by our commercial and logistic expertise to give you confidence that we will deliver timely and smoothly. We work only with our top export-approved suppliers who consistently produce, prepare and package provisions to the standards you require. So we can always meet your delivery times and you can exceed your guests’ expectations – year-round, world-wide.


The Journey of a truffle…

Guilio knows these hills intimately, but he relies on his lagotto dog to find the treasure hidden beneath the soil. From Tuscany, the rare white truffles they uncover will travel around the world. Temperature and humidity must be carefully controlled to preserve the unique aromas that make these among the costliest foods on Earth. It’s a complex, time-consuming journey. But as our customers, and their guests, will agree, it’s worth every minute and mile.


Meat & Game

Before establishing Superyacht Supplies, we spent 30 years in the international meat trade. So if you’re looking for the best Dry Aged Scotch, Wagyu or American beef, wild boar, lamb, veal, pork, poultry, or even venison from HM the Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland, we can secure the precise cuts you need, direct from farm, field and forest.

Our global network also includes suppliers of the finest cured meats and charcuterie, including jamón ibérico de bellota and rare three-year-old prosciutto di Parma, plus artisan foie gras from Gascony and other essential delicacies. Our experts select, prepare, pack and deliver all meat and game, so it reaches you in perfect condition.


From Sea to Sea

To the uninitiated, a yacht might seem the easiest place to obtain fish and seafood. At Superyacht Supplies, we understand the realities. That the finest fresh salmon, for example, is wild because its years at sea produce firmer, more even flesh and are line-caught in Scottish rivers. Or that the world’s best lobsters inhabit the cold waters off Nova Scotia, and that deep, chilly Loch Fyne raises langoustines worthy of Michelin stars.

Through our global supplier network, we can obtain whatever fresh, dried, canned or frozen fish and seafood you require, including such traditional specialities as Arbroath Smokies from Angus, and Craster kippers from north-east England. We can also bring you exquisite beluga, oscietra and sevruga caviar, all authentic and CITES certified.


Rooted in knowledge

Shopping in the local market is all very well for tourists. But if you’re in the Maldives, say, you may have trouble finding Sicilian Pomodoro di Pachino tomatoes, Alba truffles, Ardennes girolles or the finest Kalamata olives. And if you’re on a long voyage, buying certain produce in advance can quickly reveal the true meaning of ‘perishable’.

We take the uncertainty out of your fruit and vegetable purchasing. From asparagus to yams, the humble carrot to galangal: whatever you need will be in season somewhere in the world. We’re here to locate it, then deliver it to you – fresh, dried or canned, raw or prepared according to your specific requirements,


A Fresh Approach

We can sympathise with President Charles de Gaulle, who famously asked: ‘How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?’ Because as well as France, our products covers the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Scandinavia, and includes everything from staples like Parmigiano Reggiano, Camembert and Stilton to Caciocavallo made in Campania from the rare Podolica cows’ milk.

The fact that we can source literally hundreds of different cheeses, yoghurts, creams, butters and milk, and deliver them worldwide in perfect condition, is down to our global contacts, food knowledge and logistics expertise. So if you need an AOC Brie de Melun that’s ready to eat tonight, or a few precious ounces of pule to impress your diners, we’re here to help



Whoever and wherever you are, bread remains one of life’s true essentials. We can supply all your basic ingredients, including the finest bread flour, mixes, essences and flavourings and a full range of professional-grade baking equipment. Whether it’s canapés in Cannes, croissants in the Caymans or biscotti in Bermuda, we can call on the world’s finest bakers and patissiers and bring you whatever you need.


Extraordinary Measures

You can rely on us to deliver whatever your guests require, from rare wines, exclusive beers and fine cognacs to handmade Havana cigars including Cohiba and Romeo y Julieta – famously enjoyed by Sir Winston Churchill.

Through our worldwide network of importers and domains, you have access to over 50,000 bottles of wines representing the pinnacle of 60 vintages from across the Old and New Worlds. Less potent, but equally prestigious, we also offer a huge selection of speciality teas, coffees and other non-alcoholic drinks.


Herbs & Spices

Certain dishes demand particular herb and spice combinations to deliver their unique colours, aromas and flavours. We’ll ensure you have all the fresh and dried herbs aboard you could possibly need, from staples like coriander and thyme to specialities including banana leaves and verveine. Our huge range of spices allows you to present your guests with authentic dishes from every form of cuisine.


General Groceries

Everyone has their own favourites, indulgences, comfort foods and reminders of home. Our vast range of groceries lets you cater to your  every whim and desire.



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