La Corona Ristorante, Tavolara





Historical restaurant located on the beach of the beautiful island of Tavolara, in the heart of one of the most beautiful marine parks of the Mediterranean, the Ristorante La Corona reopens today completely renovated and renovated, led by the Grillotti family, already owner of the Hotel Ollastu. In keeping with a culinary tradition focused on seafood, the new management proposes to resume its contents, enhancing the quality of the raw materials, but proposing a more modern and accurate presentation of the dishes.



In the morning on the Beach and in the Lounge Bar
Come and discover our double soul: our Beach and Lounge Bar Bar awaits you with proposals designed for all needs, from a quick snack to the coolest aperitif of the summer to a quick lunch by the sea!


Lunch and Dinner

Our à-la-Carte menu is available for lunch or dinner, and represents the best expression of the style of our cuisine, light but tasty. We love the sea and the quality of its products, which we try to make you taste in their variety and their most authentic flavor. Our cuisine is Mediterranean in its roots but looks to modernity in terms of techniques and presentation. Our inspiration looks a bit ‘everywhere, we will be happy to let you taste our creations!
In the evening the environment changes, the lights are lowered, the dazzling reflections of the afternoon give way to the warm and deep colours of the sunset. The beach is empty, the sea is calm, the surf is light, and the starry night illuminates the bay where sailboats float languidly. Soft music spreads and invites you to think about the serene and the beauty of nature.



The Island of Tavolara

Over 500 meters high, the Island of Tavolara is a magnificent limestone and granite rock that rises in front of the north-eastern coast of Sardinia. A wild and uncontaminated island that is part of the Tavolara Marine Park and Capo Coda Cavallo that has allowed the conservation of a unique ecosystem, preserved over centuries by human interventions.
Tavolara is also rich in history and legends, it is in fact the smallest kingdom in the world with its mysterious royal lineage, that of the Bertoleoni family, with a lot of coat of arms and residence on the island.




Getting there
La Corona restaurant offers its customers the opportunity to book a convenient transfer service to reach the restaurant during the day or in the evening, through their private boats .
The service is available both for those who want to reach the restaurant from the mainland (departing from Porto San Paolo and Costa Corallina) and for those who are already in the harbor with their own boat, and for greater convenience prefer to reach the ground with one of the our tenders.